Emergency Gear Survival Philosophy

We believe that being prepared should be a very enjoyable experience. Taking the first step can be confusing and most certainly never let fear make any decisions associated with your preparations. We very much want to be a part of your preparations and not by just selling you products. Yes, we have done our due diligence in choosing the best products available but, there so much more. Preparing for the unexpected events that seem to occur all to often can seem a very heavy prospect. Remember, “Many hands make light work”.¬† Join with us via conference calls newsletters, phone calls, chats or even by snail mail if anyone still uses that. Our promise is to be with you from the very beginning . . .¬† and yes, stay with you for the entire preparation experience.

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Being Prepared is 90% of survival

Our lives are very busy and finding the time to get prepared can be very daunting. At Emergency-Gear we have joined forces with MyGoTrailer.com. Our excellent and proven products combined with the “Hitch and Go” mentality and together we now provide an extremely affordable and complete¬†turnkey system that lets families and friends be prepared at a moments notice.
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